+Client- SamJi

.Material_beech wood, aluminum
.Designer_Jungeun Kang

Reinterpretation of Dae-Chong-Ma-Ru
Dae-Chong-Ma-Ru, the main floored room, was where Koreans used to take rest and have friendly conversation. But it has not been preserved well, and Gazebo in park and apartment complex has served as a place to relax instead. So I made ‘daam-so’ based on the character of Dae-Chong-Ma-Ru to provide resting area. It comprised of two objects, which can be a shape of Dae-Chong-Ma-Ru when they assembled and be a bench when they separated.


daam-so final form- established at the outset of the design process.
One half of the base frame is measured by a worker.
front view

side view
  2008 Inceon international design fair_Buisiness prise